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Cheese Making

Today, my dad and I tried making cheese (for the second time). It’s an interesting experience.


Most of the process is sitting and waiting, while holding a thermometer over a pot of milk. The first try, we got the milk too hot and overworked it once it was done cooking. 2013.03.27_141923 2013.03.27_143646

This time, we got a better texture (and greater quantity). We’re planning to try again until we can make a consistently decent cheese.


The joys of vacation.

I am going to struggle when I have to go back to a real job. All this extra time off that you get in the school system really helps with the burnout that comes from working with children day-in and day-out. (Although I also believe that the teenagers increase that burnout.) More centers should encourage their employees to take more time off instead of fighting every request. This would make for a happier profession!