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Losing Thanksgiving

Stores are slowly taking over Thanksgiving with Black Friday deals. Some people are up in arms about this. But here’s a thought. What about those poor employees at grocery stores? They’ve been asked to give up their Thanksgivings for years – for those of us who forget one ingredient or another. I admit that I’ve sometimes been grateful that I have the opportunity to run. But I’ve decided “no more”! I need to think ahead of time and be prepared. I will no longer support shopping of any kind on Thanksgiving. Don’t we as a nation deserve one day off together? And what better than a national holiday that has nothing to do with any religion. Especially one that is focused on being thankful for what we have. A day that’s focus is spending time with loved ones. Bring on the potential for quality time for all. By allowing stores of any kind to remain open, we take away that opportunity for some. It’s time to take a national one day break from consumerism.

Parents and Grandpuppies

My father has decided he wants pictures of us four kids (and spouses) with our pets for their Christmas cards (since they don’t have grandchildren). Here’s one he’s rejected for Jack and Baloo:



Apparently, within a month of an embryo implanting, your uterus doubles in size. That’s why my organs are all scrunched. And I have to say, if riding in a car was bad, flying was so much worse. Maybe it was because I was farther along (although only by a few days) but the plane was miserable. For one thing, it was much harder to maneuver around and pick stuff up when I dropped it. And the poor girl next to me on my second flight. I dropped a mostly empty can on her flip-flopped feet. And those seats. Poor Pumpkin was squished sitting upright like that. Poor Baby!! S/He’s making it up to me however by not letting me sleep past 7. I forgot to set my alarm this morning, but s/he was on it. Maybe I’ll be able to sleep soon, but I suspect my days of blissful sleep are probably over until s/he and any other siblings are teenagers.


The journey has really begun now. Positive test.


Now, a different wait begins.