Today is the first day of knowing I’m pregnant that I’m absolutely exhausted and feel like I could burst into tears at any minute. (Admittedly, the first day I was late was a tough teary day as well, with family tension and David & Sarah’s goodbye dinner.) The shooting really took more out of me than I was expecting. And the thought of bring a baby into this world is terrifying. Just have to focus on bringing and keeping my stress down; creating as healthy of an environment as possible for my baby to grow in. (But that’s really tough today.)

My whole body is tense and stressed. It’s ready to run and jump into action. I’m having trouble de stressing even today. Stupid school shooting! Too close to home and affecting my girls and babies. Also brings back memories of Columbine. Thank God that only the shooter died and that there was only one injury. But on the other hand, it’s terrible that Colorado is so great at dealing with these types of tragedies. We do our drills and practices often enough. I much prefer when our state is in the national news for good. The scariest thing yesterday was our principal’s too calm voice announcing we were on lockdown. But our fabulous staff jumped right in and did what needed to be done. Now to get our minds back on the end of the semester. And I might just need to sleep the weekend away so I’m to at my best come Monday.