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Pumpkin and I are both healthy and doing well.

S/he’s on track with growth and measurements.

Halfway there!


The March of Nations

My favorite part of the Olympics is the part in the opening ceremony where all the countries march in one by one. Yes, I know it sometimes feels like it’s taking forever, but there’s something about it that always makes me cry. Maybe it’s everyone all together. But more likely, if I’m not crying already, the tears start when someone like Matt Lauer makes the usual comment about how a lot of these athletes know they have no chance of a metal. That this is their big moment of the Olympics – walking out, waving their flag. Here, they have put so much time and money into training and traveling to the country of the year. Some of them have already been cut from competitions due to their results in qualifying rounds. Yet still, they parade with great pride! And then it makes me so frustrated when the station cuts off the small countries. Are some of these places relying on us for their coverage of their champions? How does it feel to know that all of your hard work is in vain, as far as the world is concerned? (It appears like no countries are being skipped tonight in Russia. Is it because of the time the ceremony took place compared to here?) Why can’t the commercials be put on hold so everyone can get their brief 15 seconds of glory? Part of me feels a joy and obligation to witness these unknowns in their big moment. And if the tears weren’t already bad enough, Pumpkin’s presence is certainly making them more present. I do love the face that people who live and train in America go back and compete for their home/adopted countries. The lone athlete from one country in Africa is currently studying here in Colorado. And back to the togetherness. It gives my heart so much hope that countries at such great odds can stand together in the middle of a stadium and just let things go for a brief period. Communication and knowledge. Willingness to be present together. Potential hope for Mankind.



The Gender Discussion

First of all, if we do currently know what gender Pumpkin is, we’re not sharing until s/he is born.

I would like one of each. Order matters a little bit, but not significantly. But either way, as George says, a healthy baby is most important!

I’ve been taking a poll of my brothers on whether they would prefer a niece or nephew. When we were younger, they always wanted a little brother, and I of course wanted a sister. Having three brothers, you can tell who won each of those battles. Two of those brothers and my sister-in-law all want a little niece. My last brother wants a nephew, but is sure it’s a niece as well. Rather amusing to me how the opinions on that changes.