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The Nursery

The nursery is getting closer to being ready. Pumpkin’s crib is assembled and the changing table is moving in. Once school is out, I’m going to work on finishing our decorations. A dear friend is making a couple of mobiles to hang up. We’re doing a garden theme. So excited and getting more real each and day.

Mini Break

We took a little vacation before Pumpkin arrives. The in-laws have a time share near Winter Park. I’ve bee getting hot so easily and it’s been highs of around 30-45 here. So nice to cool down one last time before school is out. (Of course, it’s currently snowing in Denver too.) George wanted me to take the whole week, but with only 8 days left of school, 1 day off was all I felt I could afford. Despite the cold weather, we managed a brisk walk or two.


And the skies were beautiful when it wasn’t snowing or raining.


We rediscovered a coffee shop that we love. (The condo is near one of our favorite camping spots.)


No trip to Winter Park is complete without a stop at the Lewis Sweet Shop. Fried mushrooms and fried pickles were the perfect ending to a little break away.


We took our first trip to the zoo today. Pumpkin couldn’t see the animals for all the water.


S/he also slept the whole time. Next field trip with my class and Pumpkin will be 10 months and ready to see some animals.

Spicy Chocolate

This child of mine can not get enough heat. Or chocolate. These two foods have remained constant my entire pregnancy. So tonight, I made green beans with chipotle olive oil and chocolate balsamic vinegar. Seems to have hit the spot with both of us. Yum! Crazy baby. I find myself keeping chili chocolate next to my bed for a late night pick me up, and it always works. I keep waiting for heartburn to kick in, especially with all of the spice I continually pour in. But so far, I seem to be doing fine. Thank goodness, because everything is good with jalapeƱos.