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Almost there…

We’re coming closer to the end of this pregnancy. 36 weeks today! For the last week or so, the pain in my pelvis has been growing steadily worse and worse. Ouch! As long as I don’t have to drag my body up or sit down, I can survive, but you can’t stay down forever, especially if you’re getting enough water in your system.

Today was my last day running sound at church for now. I’m taking 2-3 months off and we’ll see how I’m feeling and doing after that. I was asked last week if I could still handle it. Kind of wish I had said no because it was tough. Those stairs. Thankful for the fan and flexibility to sit however is comfortable vs. being limited by a pew. Definitely nice perks of the job.

The Nursery 2

In my classroom at work, I’ve used colored contact paper to make different quotes and designs on the walls. I decided to do something similar here on the nursery. One of the things I like about it is that the paper peels easily off when a child outgrows it vs. painting something that has to be redone. Plus, when I inevitably make a mistake, it’s very easy to remake that one aspect of the design. I tried to make the nursery as gender-neutral as possible. I choose bright primary colors to offer some additional brain stimulation.


This is the design above our crib. The green strip that is there will be Pumpkin’s name. I just wanted a visual of how the green would look with everything else.


The change table. A friend is making mobiles we found on Pinterest for above both the crib and this table. I can’t wait to see how they’ve turned out!


The duck and pond were a last minute inspiration. I was just going to do more birds and clouds, but I had made a frog (to match the small living water frogs that will eventually be here). The frog needed a pond, and the pond obviously required a duck. I’m very happy with how they turned out.


Now, all the room is missing is a glider and a few other odds and ends.

We’re almost ready for you Pumpkin!


Why does a personhood amendment scare me so much? I’ve written occasionally on a different forum about my firm believe that God allows us to make our own choices, whether or not those choices fit His plan for us. If God doesn’t limit our choices, why should government. This holds for birth control, abortions, any aspect of family planning that a woman chooses. If she wants to have 10 children, or none. I will argue I believe that you do need to be able to support them financially without government assistance (unless brief support comes after unforeseen events).

As this year’s election is starting to gear up, I’m pregnant and this has changed my perspective to a small extent. Stay with me here. Now I am even more adamantly against a so-called personhood amendment. Sure, politicians may mean well, but depending on the wording of any legislation, I believe it could be even more dangerous for women than we realize. A dear friend has been on my mind lately. Her healthy baby recently arrived, but a while ago, she miscarried her first child. Every time I hear a mention of anything to do with personhood, she pops into mind. Imagine a day when a woman who loses a child has to prove that her miscarriage was natural. Think about that. If our definition of life begins at conception, will burden of proof suddenly be on a grieving mother to show that her baby’s loss wasn’t her fault? It can happen to anyone. Will a grieving father be able to take his partner to court and accuse her of killing their child? Will a comment that would have seemed innocent enough suddenly be cause for any woman to wind up in jail for murder? What would a trial to an already fragile psyche? Will women put off doctors’ appointments until later and miss out on early prenatal care to avoid the possibility of what might be? (This is particularly concerning when it comes to lower income families.) Can voters, or even the politicians foresee how far rules are going to be taken? I don’t know that medicine can precisely determine how many embryos are lost early on. ┬áJust a few words, however carefully written may be taken a completely different way in the future.

I pray I’m wrong. First, such an amendment has failed several times already in my state. Perhaps if such a law existed, it would never be taken the way my mind is going. Why take that chance? I don’t even know if something ┬álike this is even on the ballot this year. However, I will always hold my belief that God wants us to have free choice. Yes, we have to deal with the consequences, but I can’t, and won’t, make your decisions for you. And government shouldn’t try either.