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Milking a… Lion?

As a new nursing mother, I’m coming to hate the comparisons to a cow. I know many of us do it, but I’m beginning to see as a step back in our social evolution.

First, the cow. The cow has been breed over generations to produce 6-7 gallons a day. I never will, nor do I want to, produce even a gallon a day. Can you imagine?

So why do we allow a comparison with an animal that has been breed to make milk for others? Their children are weaned early and this ability of their body is exploited for others. Meanwhile, our whole purpose in producing milk is for our child. Yes, many of us have to pump, but our objective remains the same – our precious baby. Some mothers have enough milk they choose to donate their excess. (But it’s not an obligation, or even an expectation.)

Attention all women of childbearing age. Due to the superiority of your milk, we will now require you all to be milked regularly. Even if you don’t have children. (After all, demand dictates supply to a certain extent.)

Would we calmly take that?

All mammals produce milk for their children. Lions, tigers, bears. Let us pick one of those for our example – if an animal example is even necessary. Let’s choose a mother who will fight for her child instead of allowing them to be removed without a fight. One who stands up for her child’s best interests (where, when, and how to eat). Not a fat, docile animal that few have any respect for.

So go for it mama lions. Nurture and fight for your children.


6 years

Six years ago, I married my husband. It’s been a wonderful adventure! And then about a year ago, we made the decision that led to our little PD. This time last year, I was hopeful but wouldn’t have believed I would have been holding him in my arms already. Watching Greg and the way he’s been taking care of us both over the last week has made me fall for him even deeper! I’m so grateful that God brought us together. I love you and can’t wait to see where this adventure takes all three of us!

(This year, I hope you enjoy your gifts of a weepy wife and a sleepy son!)

Introducing PD!



Our parents came and visited last night. While we were figuring out their visit, I was listening to my birth music playlist. I’ve created individual ringtones for all my family members and without thinking about it, included the songs for my mom and dad on that playlist. While set on random, both of the songs I have chosen for my parents played, which sent me scrambling for the phone to pick it up, only to realize that it was iTunes and not them.

We made it through 14 hours of hard labor w pitocin yesterday. And I have to say it does make contractions so much worse. Greg was absolutely wonderful! Finally reached my breaking point at midnight last night. I was unable to get my body to relax during contractions and was almost to another one before I could calm myself down. The anesthesiologist walked in and immediately said “Are you related to Doug Macomber?” A few minutes later, she looked at me and said “You’re a harpist aren’t you!”

After the meds kicked in, I think Greg was able to get some down time. Looked like he stayed awake for some at least. (I dozed off right away.) I’m praying he feels rested and refreshed today. He was wonderful all day yesterday.

Pumpkin’s handling labor rather well also. So far, numbers have stayed consistent and in good range.