There’s a group among us who has been persecuted for years, even put to death over a trait with which they were born. Even today, we tolerate them and sometimes have to make a consession for elements of their being. In my extended family, we carefully figure where they will sit at family dinners so they don’t offend the others around them. Well, even at this young age, I’m suspecting my son is one of them. (Won’t my uncles be thrilled!)

I am speaking, of course, about lefties.

The Bible talks about the righteous being seated at the right hand of God and the lost at his left. This was taken to mean that anything on the right is right and the left is wrong. (Which caused some difficulties for me when I was young concerning politics.) That attitude that the Bible says it, so we must obey no question. People with left hand dominance must not be good people. Never mind all of the other things we ignore because it’s less convenient to our lifestyles.

Various languages make this same assumption. Right is correct, left is those who are not included. French has similar distinction. Droit means straight and law. Gauche is clumsy and awkward. Guesses on which is which? In the middle ages, children were killed if they were lefthanded because they must be a child of Satan. In more recent times, we’ve simply forced the small 5-30% to conform and use their right hands or struggle with equipment is awkward for them. Scissors, cars, even credit cards machines (until the new pin machines are finally up and running) are all geared towards people who are right hand dominate.

This happens across cultures. Just because most people are wired one way, does that mean we should make people wires another way feel like a lesser citizen. Some areas of life just can’t be helped. Writing systems need to be more comfortable for the majority. Could we all learn to read backwards from right to left when needed? We absolutely can. Would that make english that much harder for people to learn and be proficient in? Absolutely. But I also think technology is creating a more level ground when it comes to written communication. (A problem in and of itself, but not something I’m going in depth on at the moment.) I think the issue also says a lot about our society & how we treat those who are different than us and our expectations.

The Bible can be used to show anything is correct or wrong. Instead of nitpicking, we should look to the example Jesus showed us in His treatment of everyone around Him.