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Our parents came and visited last night. While we were figuring out their visit, I was listening to my birth music playlist. I’ve created individual ringtones for all my family members and without thinking about it, included the songs for my mom and dad on that playlist. While set on random, both of the songs I have chosen for my parents played, which sent me scrambling for the phone to pick it up, only to realize that it was iTunes and not them.

We made it through 14 hours of hard labor w pitocin yesterday. And I have to say it does make contractions so much worse. Greg was absolutely wonderful! Finally reached my breaking point at midnight last night. I was unable to get my body to relax during contractions and was almost to another one before I could calm myself down. The anesthesiologist walked in and immediately said “Are you related to Doug Macomber?” A few minutes later, she looked at me and said “You’re a harpist aren’t you!”

After the meds kicked in, I think Greg was able to get some down time. Looked like he stayed awake for some at least. (I dozed off right away.) I’m praying he feels rested and refreshed today. He was wonderful all day yesterday.

Pumpkin’s handling labor rather well also. So far, numbers have stayed consistent and in good range.


The Nursery 2

In my classroom at work, I’ve used colored contact paper to make different quotes and designs on the walls. I decided to do something similar here on the nursery. One of the things I like about it is that the paper peels easily off when a child outgrows it vs. painting something that has to be redone. Plus, when I inevitably make a mistake, it’s very easy to remake that one aspect of the design. I tried to make the nursery as gender-neutral as possible. I choose bright primary colors to offer some additional brain stimulation.


This is the design above our crib. The green strip that is there will be Pumpkin’s name. I just wanted a visual of how the green would look with everything else.


The change table. A friend is making mobiles we found on Pinterest for above both the crib and this table. I can’t wait to see how they’ve turned out!


The duck and pond were a last minute inspiration. I was just going to do more birds and clouds, but I had made a frog (to match the small living water frogs that will eventually be here). The frog needed a pond, and the pond obviously required a duck. I’m very happy with how they turned out.


Now, all the room is missing is a glider and a few other odds and ends.

We’re almost ready for you Pumpkin!



The Gender Discussion

First of all, if we do currently know what gender Pumpkin is, we’re not sharing until s/he is born.

I would like one of each. Order matters a little bit, but not significantly. But either way, as George says, a healthy baby is most important!

I’ve been taking a poll of my brothers on whether they would prefer a niece or nephew. When we were younger, they always wanted a little brother, and I of course wanted a sister. Having three brothers, you can tell who won each of those battles. Two of those brothers and my sister-in-law all want a little niece. My last brother wants a nephew, but is sure it’s a niece as well. Rather amusing to me how the opinions on that changes.

The Wait

We told our parents about Pumpkin two days ago. They are all so excited! We then mailed announcements out yesterday. One has already arrived at my parents’ house (for my younger brother) and they are both going crazy waiting for him to get home and open it. Another brother should be getting his today as well. I’m looking forward to seeing who calls or texts me first.

And then we’ll see how long it takes for the rest of the family.



Today is the first day of knowing I’m pregnant that I’m absolutely exhausted and feel like I could burst into tears at any minute. (Admittedly, the first day I was late was a tough teary day as well, with family tension and David & Sarah’s goodbye dinner.) The shooting really took more out of me than I was expecting. And the thought of bring a baby into this world is terrifying. Just have to focus on bringing and keeping my stress down; creating as healthy of an environment as possible for my baby to grow in. (But that’s really tough today.)

My whole body is tense and stressed. It’s ready to run and jump into action. I’m having trouble de stressing even today. Stupid school shooting! Too close to home and affecting my girls and babies. Also brings back memories of Columbine. Thank God that only the shooter died and that there was only one injury. But on the other hand, it’s terrible that Colorado is so great at dealing with these types of tragedies. We do our drills and practices often enough. I much prefer when our state is in the national news for good. The scariest thing yesterday was our principal’s too calm voice announcing we were on lockdown. But our fabulous staff jumped right in and did what needed to be done. Now to get our minds back on the end of the semester. And I might just need to sleep the weekend away so I’m to at my best come Monday.

First Ultrasound!

We had our first ultrasound on Thursday. Wow! Pumpkin is so tiny, but right on track. Strong heartbeat. Measuring the correct size. Greg’s getting more excited.


While we were in the appointment, people kept texting me with Feast of Lights stuff. I should have just left my phone off and not have kept checking it. Then on to the last Feast of Lights dress rehearsal. Crazy day.