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Today is the first day of knowing I’m pregnant that I’m absolutely exhausted and feel like I could burst into tears at any minute. (Admittedly, the first day I was late was a tough teary day as well, with family tension and David & Sarah’s goodbye dinner.) The shooting really took more out of me than I was expecting. And the thought of bring a baby into this world is terrifying. Just have to focus on bringing and keeping my stress down; creating as healthy of an environment as possible for my baby to grow in. (But that’s really tough today.)

My whole body is tense and stressed. It’s ready to run and jump into action. I’m having trouble de stressing even today. Stupid school shooting! Too close to home and affecting my girls and babies. Also brings back memories of Columbine. Thank God that only the shooter died and that there was only one injury. But on the other hand, it’s terrible that Colorado is so great at dealing with these types of tragedies. We do our drills and practices often enough. I much prefer when our state is in the national news for good. The scariest thing yesterday was our principal’s too calm voice announcing we were on lockdown. But our fabulous staff jumped right in and did what needed to be done. Now to get our minds back on the end of the semester. And I might just need to sleep the weekend away so I’m to at my best come Monday.


I Love My Job

I am so fortunate to work a job where:

1 – I’m comfortable telling my boss that I’m pregnant this early. She’s been fabulous about it.

2 – She reminds me and holds me to things that I should and shouldn’t be doing. (And won’t let me lift anything too heavy.)

3 – When we learned our last pregnant girl had her baby today, and the girls were saying that was it, and how weird it was to not have anyone around who’s pregnant, not a hint that she knew otherwise.

Appreciate you so much A!!

Summer’s Over…

Back to work I go. It’s been a fabulous summer, but I’m ready. We’re doing training and prep this week. The administration has chosen a theme of Play and Mindfulness for the year. I love when schools focus on play. It’s so important for children of all ages, but especially for our population! Our classroom is coming along well. (But there’s never enough time to do everything!)2013.08.13_115152

Goodbye Girls!

Since February of 2008, I’ve been working at a church nursery. It’s a church I grew up playing harp for so the relationship has actually been much longer. When I started, there were 2 regular children – ages 2 & 5. The now 8 year old is no longer coming down to the nursery. (Although she popped in today.)


But it’s time for her to grow up a little.

The (almost) 11 year old is still down here regularly due to health issues.


But the church has stopped growing. These are the youngest two members. The time has come to join with another church. So after a drawn out process, a new church has been chosen. They are all moving together however. But not me. Today is my last day. I’m glad they were both in here today. I’m going to miss them both quite a bit.
Goodbye my girls!

The joys of vacation.

I am going to struggle when I have to go back to a real job. All this extra time off that you get in the school system really helps with the burnout that comes from working with children day-in and day-out. (Although I also believe that the teenagers increase that burnout.) More centers should encourage their employees to take more time off instead of fighting every request. This would make for a happier profession!